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Yesiltepe meaning Green Hills has fast become an area for investment.  It nestles in the mountains close to Bafa Lake, about 5km from the coast, and about 10km from Didim and Altinkum. 

Yesiltepe is a quiet town in the countryside with stunning mountain views and has excellent long term capital growth potential.
Building regulations are strictly controlled in this area, to ensure that your long term enjoyment of the area will not be spoilt by high rise unsightly buildings.  Apartments are not allowed to be built in Yesiltepe, only villas.  The plots are usually around 700m2  so the future density of the housing will be well spread giving more privacy and space to breathe.

We have several design and build projects in and around the Yeşiltepe area, where we can help you create your own villa.  These are not in complexes, just detached villas on a large plot of land.

The location is rural, the views of the natural rolling hills and countryside are outstanding. There is an olympic sized swimming pool for the local residents, local convenience shops and restaurants.
Yesiltepe has received much interest over the past few months with many investors purchasing either land or property. Given time Yesiltepe will be a very popular and sought after area with many plans for the future.

If you were to own a property in Yesiltepe you have the luxury of enjoying the tranquility of the countryside or the you can catch a local bus to Altinkum to enjoy the shops, bars, restaurants and beaches.  Altinkum is approximately a 15 minute drive away from Yesiltepe. 
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